Term 1: IST 501

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Practice a high degree of self-directed study skills in learning of new technology; utilizing user guides, the Internet, computer-based tutorials, and collaborative peer support
  • Demonstrate mastery of standard productivity software (MS Office), communication systems (my.csumb.edu), Google docs, file transfer (Secure Shell/Home Server), and other software, net services and systems required in the IST program
Course Projects:
Module 1: ePortfolio SWOT Analysis
Module 3: Job Aid
Module 4: Screencasting
Module 5: Instructional Videomaking
Module 6: Google Forms Survey
Module 7: Webology
Module 8.1: Copyright Issues and Options
Module 8.2: Media Resources
Module 9: Professional ID Resources
Module 10: ILM Authoring Tools
Module 11: MOOC's
Module 12: My ePortfolio Self Review